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Computer Aided Facility Management Solutions solutions are used in many areas such as healthcare facilities, finance, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, campuses, shopping centers, public, airports Computer Aided Facility Management solutions.

Solutions; "Computerized Maintenance Management System", "Soft Facilities Management", "Facility and Energy Efficiency Management", "Facility and Integrated Building Management System", "Smart Service Management", "Health Campuses Facility Management", "Data Analytics and Reporting Management", creates its prominent value feature with its new generation software architecture and technologies.

Computerized Maintenance Management System

IoT and AI Supported CMMS Software

With computer-aided facility management, which includes planned, preventive, predictive maintenance, repair and emergency response processes for the safe, effective and uninterrupted operation of the assets in your facility, you can manage processes such as preparing maintenance plans, scheduling and determining resources end-to-end. With your devices With IoT-supported maintenance management, you can perform predictable maintenance of your critical assets, create reports, dashboards, performance metrics and track your assets with real-time data by using the collected sensor data with a business intelligence tool.

Soft Facilities Management

For Efficiency, Service Quality and Cost Control

Access to instant and accurate data for proper resource utilization, management and staff planning are essential for Service Management. Get instant and accurate data with the Service Management solution, whose main goal is to increase the satisfaction of your facility staff and customers. Monitor, measure and optimize your service quality and control your costs. Easily plan, manage and improve service management processes, enabling smart service management.

Facility and Energy Efficiency Management

Systems and Digital Transformation for Sustainability Energy Management solution works integrated with energy control systems. Use energy resources such as electricity, water, heating and cooling in your facility buildings and workplaces effectively, get simultaneous status reports and save energy with IoT, energy automation and data analysis methods. Access and monitor energy consumption data in areas at desired date intervals or instantly, modernize your systems, and create alarms about consumption when necessary. Reduce your energy consumption, facilitate maintenance and reduce costs with remotely programmable lighting systems.

Facility and Integrated Building Management System

Service Continuity, Centralized Monitoring and Risk Management

With the CAFM software solution, bring together independent automation systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, energy, fire, security, entrance and exit in your facility and building systems in a single interface Facility and Integrated Building Management System. Ensure optimal operational management and maintenance of your building assets with Computer Aided Maintenance Management (CMMS). Reduce costs while increasing efficiency in operating processes.

Smart Service Management

Customer Satisfaction and Savings Management through Proactive and Predictive Services

In Smart Service Management, data collected through IoT-sensors are incorporated into the operation in accordance with the purpose, while all services are implemented as predictive service management using IoT-sensors. With this transformation, classical operational business processes are replaced by optimization with artificial intelligence solutions as well as analytical tools. Evolve rapidly and use Smart Service Management that diversifies according to business needs.

Health Campuses Facility Management

Service Continuity and Risk Management CAFM offers different applications in the field of health within the scope of the CAFM solution. PPP Integrated City Hospitals under implementation; In integrated health campuses, end-to-end solutions are offered under the Help Desk and Facility Management headings, as another application; Diversified smart solutions are offered for hospital facility management for private and public university hospitals, private hospital chains, public hospitals providing services in the Health Sector.

Data Analytics and Reporting Management

A Sustainable Decision Support System

Record and utilize all operations data in the plant in real time. While providing more visibility into your operations, define performance metrics and link targets to the topics you want to monitor. Create a sustainable decision support system for different data and topics with the business intelligence analysis and report tool while obtaining routine operational reports.

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