Administrative Affairs and Human Resources Assistant (Disabled)

General Qualifications

  • Bachelor's or associate's degree (preferably in human resources, front office management, etc.)
  • Minimum 1 year of experience in administrative and personnel affairs,
  • Good command of Excel,
  • High written and verbal expression skills,
  • High planning, organization, follow-up and reporting skills,
  • Strong planning, organization and coordination skills, able to adapt to a dynamic working environment and multiple reporting
  • Attaches importance to details, solution-oriented, disciplined, loves his/her job, responsible,
  • Ability to use office equipment effectively (fax, scanner, printer, etc.),
  • Good command of MS Office programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
  • Analytical thinking
  • Teamwork; developing and promoting effective cooperation within the team to achieve common goals and best results
  • Result and service-oriented work; producing timely and quality results

Job Description

  • Performing data entries of administrative affairs and HR department,
  • Supporting administrative purchases and preparing expenditure reports,
  • Managing the traffic of incoming and outgoing documents within the company,
  • Supporting the processes of payroll, leave tracking and personal affairs
  • Determining the need for small fixtures and all other materials related to administrative affairs, procurement, distribution and stock tracking.
  • Contacting the identified candidates by phone or e-mail
  • Setting an interview date for the interviews with the candidates and informing the candidates about the details
  • Contacting candidates for references, checking them and reporting them to the relevant manager,
  • Creating and following up employee personnel files
  • To carry out the regular updating of hired and terminated employees through the accounting system
  • To fulfill other related duties assigned to him/her by the managers to whom he/she reports
  • Providing necessary support for domestic/international travel organization (visa, tickets, accommodation, car rental, etc.)

Job Application Form