Integrated Building System

Many Functions Now in One Interface

Within the scope of the Building Management System (BMS), Integrated Building Management and CAFM's building and facility systems; heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, energy, fire, security, security, camera, entrance and exit automation systems are designed as a single maintenance system by moving all of them to a single interface. Therefore, the integration of mechanical, electrical and security systems on a single platform enables more efficient planning, maintenance, operation and monitoring of these systems, while also reducing energy saving features and constantly increasing operating costs.

Core Components of Integreted Building System

Real-time Data Collection and Monitoring: Facility and Integrated Building System continuously collects data from devices and analyzes this data instantly, allowing real-time monitoring of automation processes. By collecting and analyzing the data in real time, the performance of the processes can be evaluated and improved.

Remote Control and Management: With, Facility and Integreted Building system, all processes can be controlled and managed remotely, reducing labor and energy costs of facilities.

Event Notification and Predictive Maintenance Management: Thanks to the uninterrupted connection of the Integreted Building System and CAFM, unusual situations and processes are detected quickly and effectively. Abnormalities occurring in the processes trigger predictive maintenance work orders with automatic alarms and notifications, and technical personnel are notified via IMS.

Asset and Equipment Management: With IMS integration, CAFM software can diagnose maintenance and service requirements, estimate the condition of an equipment and its component parts based on the usage and age of the assets. They can also predict impending equipment failure by monitoring asset data.

Data Analysis and Reporting: By analyzing the collected data, it allows evaluating the performance of the processes and providing suggestions for improvement. It prepares detailed reports for businesses to better manage their business processes. Real-time monitoring and control of processes increases the efficiency and reliability of production stages.

Energy and Resource Use Optimization: Facility and Integrated Building System, as mentioned, make measurable contributions to saving energy and resources by closely monitoring energy and resource use. Thanks to this optimization, it aims to reduce the carbon footprint of facility activities on the environment by combining technology with the operational process.

Integration: Facility and Integrated Building System can communicate in an integrated manner with various communication protocols, allowing different devices and systems to work together, enabling processes to have a flexible and modular structure.


Many Functions Now in One Place

  • Bring independently operating automation systems under a "single interface" and "single maintenance system" management.
  • Monitor, control and manage your building systems remotely with Remote Monitoring and Control.
  • Evaluate your process performances and make continuous improvements with real-time data collection and analysis.
  • Open predictive maintenance work orders for anomalies occurring in processes.
  • Save energy and resources for your business by closely monitoring energy and resource use.
  • Easily manage all critical processes such as system continuity, business efficiency, resource management, instant crisis management with a holistic perspective thanks to these functions that communicate with each other with integration capabilities.